ALL modern politicians, lobbyists, political campaign financiers and broadcasters get cash, sex, parties and mansions through this process of corruption:

You pay taxes >>> The corrupt insiders take your taxes and give it to their friends >>> Those friends of the corrupt insiders pay the first corrupt insiders with "donations" and internet rigging services in exchange >>> All of the corrupt insiders have investment banks hide their money in covert ways >>> They then repeat the process >>>

There is not a single one of them that is concerned about you, the individual taxpayer or your family. They are ALL of the Democrat, Republican, Libertarian and Socialist executive party bosses.  The only things they care about is keeping their own personal cash, sex, parties and mansions going. Once addicted to the corruption pipeline, do you honestly think any of them are going to give up massive amounts of free cash, super hot sex with hookers and rent boys, epic Hollywood parties with rock stars and mansions with maids? !!!

There is not a single Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Socialist executive party boss who wants to expose or shut down the whole corruption process because these pigs all feed at the same trough. That is why it all keeps on going even though it is so obviously a criminal finance scam.

These corrupt politicians will talk about "fixing pot holes" and "education" and "women's rights" when they are on-camera but they never discuss or care about those buzzword issues when they are in their offices. In their offices they just negotiate scams with campaign financiers.

Their entire efforts are all about getting your money out of your pockets and into their pockets by manipulating the tax money that comes into government Treasuries. Modern politics no longer has any pretense of meaning to provide you with services. The current system bypasses the use of your tax money for your benefit and sends it directly to the corrupt for their own personal benefit.

The only way to fix this kind of corruption is to force every politician to wear a live web camera around-the-clock. If you don't want the public watching you, then you should not go into politics.

Here is how they have Perkins Coie, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, and other crooked banks hide their dirty money: