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I think everybody knows by now, that CNN just makes shit up.

'Lies, lies, and MORE lies': CNN gets BUSTED running interference for Hillary Clinton

'Lies, lies, and MORE lies': CNN gets BUSTED running interference for Hillary Clinton (

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[–] aria_taint 8 points (+8|-0)  ago 

Unfortunately not everyone. If you're reading that cnn work of fiction then you're reading it because you're using cnn as your source of news. I would say most of the country don't know what or how to use critical thinking skills.


[–] vastrightwing 3 points (+3|-0)  ago 

That's because they went to American indoctrination camps which they paid for.


[–] InyourfaceNancyGrace 2 points (+2|-0)  ago  (edited  ago)

most of the country don't know what or how to use critical thinking skills.

One glance at Twitter shows this to be the case. From Black Science Man's tautological bullshit to Mr. Degree-in-Linguistics over here... these people get fancy degrees, but somehow never have to learn about logic. Let's take Linguo:

"Santa Claus isn’t real. So any associated attributes are inherently false. "

Okay... so show me the number one smart guy. Not "one apple" or "one douchebag" (cause you're already here), but the actual number one. Is it real? If you can't show it to me, then I guess it's not real right? Concepts such as "Santa Claus" or "the number 1" are just imaginary. So 1+1 = 2 is false right, because that would require 1 to have an additive or quantitative attribute which allows it to be summed, but it's not real, so it's attributes are false.

Twitter is inherently retarded. No one is going to say anything of profound insight in 160 characters or less.

And while I'm on a rant: I fucking hate linguistics majors/people. They're like children that never grew up, "What I said means what I think it means because I said it so I know the true meaning." That second part might be true; you probably know what you meant to say. But you obviously (fucking somehow) missed the point of communication in your study of linguistics. Communication being the entire point of any language, I don't know how you missed that. But both partiesneed an agreed understanding about what is meant in order for communication and thus language to work correctly - making shit up on the fly just doesn't work. I once had a linguistics Master's say "Why are you being antisocial?"

"I'm being nonsocial - I just don't feel like going out. I'm not actively preventing others from socializing - that would be antisocial."

"Antisocial is the same as nonsocial because that's what people think it means."

"Okay, so what's the word for actively working against society or social gatherings? Because "anti" means "opposed to/against" for thousands of years, but you're telling me now that it is the same "non," which has just meant "not" for about the same amount of time."

"Well, language evolves to mean what current society thinks it means..."

"You didn't answer the question."

"Well, I guess there's not one."

"Yes there fucking is - it's antisocial. Not going out is just being nonsocial. Here's an example of being antisocial:"

And I punched that stupid bitch and ran out.

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[–] level_101 3 points (+4|-1)  ago 

Time to stop calling it "fake news". Now it should be pushed as propaganda.. Just as it is.


[–] DyudTyb 4 points (+4|-0)  ago  (edited  ago)

Propaganda may be truthful. Something being a propaganda does not mean it is not a fact. It just means that the message is promoted. Words "propaganda" and "propagate" are semantically linked.

Thus "fake news" is a much more heavy handed accusation, because it clearly states that what anyone is seeing is a lie.


[–] Pointyball 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Comrade News Network


[–] Erotic_Monkey 9 points (+9|-0)  ago  (edited  ago)

Sources say ........... [Insert opinion / agenda here]

..... ^ 'Makes it true' ........ .... ^ Own opinion powered by their political bias.


[–] Martel-Sobieski 2 points (+2|-0)  ago  (edited  ago)

The worst imo is the "people familiar with [subjects] thinking"

Youd think after the media was made fun of hard for using that line with comey theyd retire that yellow journalistic phrase. "People familiar with his thinking" could mean anything. If it was a friend or associate then why not say "an associate of..." Instead? They dont because they cant because the "people familiar with his thinking" dont actually know or associate with the guy

You could technically count a cnn journalist pulling shit out of his ass as someone "familiar with his thinking" just because he read some articles and watched videos about the guy.


[–] olinneserpona 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

I remember when I first read that phrase. I had long disliked of CNNs way of reporting, but that was the final nail in the coffin, can't trust anything they say. Not even about sports.


[–] Wildebeest 8 points (+8|-0)  ago  (edited  ago)

People familiar with the matter - Could be anyone, could be some guy that the reporter talked about it with.

One former Obama official - I'm sure they have someone on contract.

A person familar with Strzok's thinking - Could be a guy in a sandwich shop that watched him decide (think) between the ham or turkey.

People familiar with the exchange - Anyone that read the messages.

Any of these people could have been handed a piece of paper with what the article says and been told to read it, which would have made it a quote.

Edit - spacing


[–] DirectPressure 3 points (+3|-0)  ago 

Can you FUCKING IMAGINE?!! These cocksuckers have the balls to actually use those words & put them in print!!! What does that even mean? Familiar with his thinking. JFC these people will stop at nothing. This is absolutely propaganda!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck I hate cnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[–] Gringojones 2 points (+2|-0)  ago 

My house is white. When I am home I am a source from inside the White house. When I pay the bills I'm a White house official. When I take out the trash I'm White house staff.


[–] Wildebeest 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

BREAKING NEWS - High level White House officials are being tasked with taking out the trash. Sources familiar with the situation say President Trump not allowing Hispanic cleaning staff into the White House for fear they'll "steal everything that's not nailed down".

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[–] ChosenUndead 6 points (+6|-0)  ago 

We need a journacaust. These assholes are enemies of trurh and should be executed.


[–] BlueDrache 3 points (+4|-1)  ago 

Most of them are jews, honestly ... so double prizes, 'eh?


[–] i_scream_trucks 2 points (+2|-0)  ago 

No, we just need to remove their protections to hide behind 'confidential sources' (aka usually their own imagination) and if they want to claim 'integrity' well they can fucking sign up en masse to some kind of certification scheme and then be picked off one by one as they breech the rules.


[–] i_scream_trucks 3 points (+3|-0)  ago 

... if you think this is new or unique to CNN ive got some real news for you....


[–] edistojim 3 points (+3|-0)  ago 

They call it "fake news" for a reason.


[–] level_101 2 points (+2|-0)  ago 

Fuck you. CNN - Propaganda Central.

Why dont you just die in a fire or something.


[–] Waffles4Everyone 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

They really do not have a shred of integrity left.


[–] plowboys 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

they learned from the best. ..Joseph Goebbels "operation mocking bird" for the media propaganda ..... "operation paperclip" for the military


[–] turntheradioup 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

People familiar with CNN's reporting have confirmed they are fake news. A former CNN official told us CNN has biased and deceitful reporting based on their agenda. A person familiar with CNN journalist's thinking reiterated that this report is nothing more than a deflection. People familiar with CNN's staff referenced their Putin themed office parties.

Geez guys this reporting stuff is easy when you don't have to actually provide any sources.


[–] slevin_kelevra 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

As someone who is familiar with this article (having just glanced at it now), I can confirm it has been debunked.


[–] Debunkd1 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

I agree that CNN is the epitome of fake news. Most MSM is fake news. This is the moment the independent journalist can shine.


[–] Floodthewestcoast 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Only 10 athletes at the winter Olympics are black.

Yeah and that's about the same ratio as Whites in the NBA. We're not worried about diversity there are we though?


[–] Dudicles 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

"Person familiar with XX's thinking."

This is the dumbest and laziest form of lying/propaganda.


[–] Slavosaurus 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Well a person familiar with this post gave it an upvoat.


[–] ibepokey 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

i was watching CBS news the other day. they were ripping on Trump. nearly every point they made started with something like: 'our sources say,' or 'someone close to the case tells us.' bullshit. sourcelivesmatter


[–] BlockMe 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Having grown up in a socialist state I can tell you even Pravda wasn't this unsubtle.


[–] BlockMe 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

That reads like "serious posts" on Reddit.


[–] Derpfroot 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

My favorite, that they've actually had the gall to use for a source, was written as "people familiar with thinking on the matter." You're fags of the highest degree, CNN.


[–] SanePerson46 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Well, that was vague


[–] BAAC 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

As an ex-journalist, the technical term for this is: bullshit. This is bullshit.

If I would have taken this to one of my editors, they would have told me to get the fuck out of their office and learn how to be a journalist.

CNN... raising the bar yet again.


[–] SquarebobSpongebutt 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

It would be illegal for you to see our sources. But we can see them and report to you what they mean because we are the media. Just trust us.


[–] 8_billion_eaters 0 points (+0|-0)  ago  (edited  ago)

"people familiar with (impeccable sources of the truth) our sources have confirmed it."



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