Is Obama A Racist Who Actually Fears Black People?



Is Obama A Racist Who Actually Fears Black People?


By Sasheena Mbuna


Barack Obama surrounds himself with “Black People” who have white facial features. Susan Rice, Valarie Jarrett, et al; have no black facial features. They dress and talk like suburban white yuppies. They look like white people with too much tanning spray on.

The Obama girls prefer white boys, use white boy gestures and attend white-culture bands. Do the children reflect the parents?

Obama’s “black friends” are the whitest black friends you could have.

Obama seems to fear or hate core blacks.

During his entire administration he did nothing that actually helped the blacks. His legacy is one of photo opps in ghettos and ghettos of legislative inaction for blacks, otherwise.

He is now thought of as the “President who made black lives worse”.

Why was Obama such a dilettante and anti-black OREO?

It could be his upbringing and his lack of a central force of balance in his life. It could be his backing by the all-white Chicago mob that brought us the Daly’s and the Rahms. It could be he is just simply a Prick.

Obama was clearly a tool who allowed Debbie Wasserman and Donna Brazille to use him to rig an elaborate set of crony government payola schemes for their friends. He bought into his role, as a puppet-king, because the DNC allowed him to have all of the toys and they allowed his family to go on mind-numbing shopping sprees around the world.

Obama’s connection to the black community was nothing more than a tip of the hat. He seems to see black people as an embarrassment to his narcissism. He will give them a nod but he will never actually embed in their “nasty” culture with sincerity. All of his acts with black people were acts of the theatrical kind.

Obama loved the cash. Once he knew he had his hand on it, he could never let go of the green. It is too bad that he gave up his blackness for his green-ness.



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